Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Anslee James


Anslee James is a junior double majoring in History & Government and Writing & Communication. She is also a part of the Campus Activities Board Executive Board, Vice President of Judiciary Law Club, Vice President of Communications for Phi Theta Kappa, and works part-time at Kumon Tifton as Chief Assistant. She enjoys playing with her dog and watching Grey's Anatomy in her free time. Her post-graduation plans are going to law school.

ABAC Men’s Golf Team Captain Receives Award for Athletic Excellence

ABAC Men’s Golf Team Captain Stewart Rustin received an award from the PING GCAA (Golf Coaches Association of America) commemorating Rustin’s outstanding play in...

Taylor Swift Releases “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”

Taylor Swift has delighted fans with a rerecorded version of “1989,” the best-selling album of her career, titled “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” The album features...

Poets Showcase Work at Writers Harvest 2023

ABAC hosted the campus’s first Writers Harvest in ten years. The event featured poets Mac Gay, Al Maginnes and Sean Sexton. The poets read...

GMA Unveils Painter’s Vibrant Southern Culture Exhibit

"Brenda Sutton Rose: The Southern Series" is a captivating art exhibit intertwining rural narratives and stunning oil paintings by artist Brenda Sutton Rose. Georgia...

Students Celebrate Family Weekend

Students had a blast showcasing the campus to their families at ABAC's 30th annual Family Weekend. Throughout the weekend, families got an insight into...

Law Club returns to ABAC as Judiciary Law Club

The Judiciary Law Club, formally known as the Law Club, has been revived on campus. Students interested in law school, law-adjacent careers, or any...

Spooktacular Halloween Costume Ideas to WOW Halloween Night

October is that time of the year when creativity takes center stage as people of all ages plan their Halloween costumes. Whether you are...

OPINION: Is Instant Gratification Killing the Desire to Learn?

One of the culprits contributing to the decline in the desire to learn is our society’s obsession with instant gratification. Everything can be delivered...

ABAC Study Abroad Opportunities Approach

Imagine going to a new country with new, unseen experiences, anxiously riding the elevator up to the Eiffel Tower, walking around the Roman Colosseum,...

OPINION: S.T.E.M. Isn’t the Only Option

"What are you going to do with a major like that? Is that going to get you a job?" are questions I am constantly...

Falling Into Perry Fair Season

As the leaves become crisp autumn colors, the heat stays hot year-round. There is one thing on several Georgians' minds every October season: The...

How to Safely Go Out on the Town

Going to college is the first taste of freedom students get before fully emerging into adulthood, especially if you live on campus. You don’t...

Where Did All the Books Go?

August is the season of a new semester. Everyone is starting to get their belongings moved in, saying goodbye to mom and dad, and...

Jenna Williams Selected as President of ABAC Ambassadors

Jenna Williams, a junior pre-professional biology major, has been selected as the new president of the Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Ambassadors for the 2023-24...

Olivia Rodrigo Releases New Single ‘bad idea right’

Olivia Rodrigo released her second track titled “bad idea right?” for her second album, "Guts: set to come out September 8. This will be...

Ms. ABAC 2023 Emily Groat plans for the 2023 school year

Emily Groat, the recently crowned Ms. ABAC 2023, has officially earned herself a new title as the 2023 Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen. In addition...

Reclaiming music (Taylor’s Version)

Starting from the roots of country twang, Taylor Swift has become a household name within a few years. With her distinctive voice, personal lyrics,...

Places in Tifton to hang out off campus

When traveling to an unfamiliar town for college, finding nice spots to hang out with friends can become difficult. A dorm can suffice for...

Taylor Swift releases Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift released “Speak Now (Taylor's Version),” her third re-recorded studio album, on July 7 at midnight. The album features 16 songs from her...

Ms. ABAC 2023 Emily Groat crowned as Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen

Emily Groat, Ms. ABAC 2023, has officially earned a new pageantry title as the 2023 Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen. In addition to being crowned...

Opinion: Port Saint Joe is better than Panama City

Port Saint Joe, a small, secluded beach town with small shops and lots of small-town charm. It has also been known as my family’s summer...