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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dear Filly: ‘What happens if…’

Dear Filly, What happens if I park in the “VISITOR” parking space outside of D-hall and Carlton? Sincerely, Confused Car       Dear Confused Car, All of ABAC’s staff and...

Dear Filly: ‘I live in the dorms and…’

Dear Filly, I live in the dorms and the room above me is constantly being loud regardless of housing talking with them. They stomp around...

Dear Filly: ‘One of my online professors…’

Dear Filly, One of my online profesors is deadly boring. How can I tell him to speed it up because I’m falling asleep? I’m afraid...

Dear Filly: ‘Why do veterans have their…’

Dear Filly,      Why do veterans have their own special success center on campus? What about the rest of the students? I sit and...

Dear Filly: ‘I really like this guy…’

Dear Filly,      I really like this guy and I know that I shouldn’t be worried about guys and that I should focus on...