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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Flag Football Intramural Championship

The Intramural Flag Football championship game was November 10 when teams Whoabackers and Scoop There It Is faced off. Football can get very heate.,...

ABAC Fillies Season Is Finally Underway

The ABAC Fillies are off to a slow start this season but have a lot to build on over their past five games. The...

Griffin Rowe Won GCAA Player Of The Week

The stallions played St. Johns River State College on Friday, January 28 in a doubleheader resulting in split games. The Stallions won the first...

Insight on ABAC’s Line Dancing Class

Since I was in the fifth grade, I attended 4-H camps and as I got to middle and high school, I attended FFA camp...

Intramural Sports registration begins

As students and faculty get used to their learning environment, Intramural sports opens its registration for this season. ABAC’s Sports division recently released its...