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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Issue With Rural Broadband

In today’s age, we are consumed by technology. Both rural and urban areas alike rely heavily on the internet for communication, sales, news, education,...

Lindstrom Succeeds As Student Teacher

Student teachers in the 2022 Agricultural Education Cohort are already off to a phenomenal start with their students this spring. One student teacher, Teresa Lindstrom,...

ABAC Goes to Sunbelt Expo on October 19-21

TIFTON—From ABAC souvenirs to a basket of prizes every day, visitors to the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition at Spence Field near Moultrie on Oct. 19-21...

ABAC Welcomes Four New Ag and Forestry Staff

As summer semester gives way to fall semester, ABAC is pleased to welcome new staff members to the family in the AgBusiness, AgCommunications, and...

ABAC Hosts Natural Resources Conservation Workshop

This summer, ABAC was proud to host the 60th annual Natural Resources Conservation Workshop (NRCW) for high schoolers interested in majoring in natural resource...