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     The ABAC Pacesetter recognizes individuals that go above and beyond their duties as a student or faculty member. Usually, anywhere between 30-40 nominations come in each year. Out of those who are honored as a Pacesetter, the Stallion recognizes one individual as the Superior Pacesetter.      This year the Superior Pacesetter went to Mike Chason after a...
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Stallion TV


Stallion TV Nov. 30th, 2018


Stallion TV Nov. 26th, 2018


Stallion TV Nov. 16th, 2018


Stallion TV Nov. 9th, 2018


The Morning Show with Landon Rowe Nov. 8th,...


The Morning Show with Landon Rowe Nov. 6th,...

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In This Issue

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Juliette Ng

     Dr. Juliette Ng’s students can always expect to have fun and learn while attending her classes. Before...

Dear Filly: ‘I met this girl…’

Dear Filly, I met this girl I’m kind of interested in, but she has a baby and is two years...

The Impossible Burger: The new age of meat alternatives

     Eating a hamburger isn’t as simple as it sounds. How do we know what a burger actually...

Local minister brings free food to ABAC

      The smell of sourdough followed Jared Hammet as he stepped out of his car. He made...

A victim of Hurricane Michael is given new life

     In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, the school lost its Black Walnut tree.      Though it...

Spring 2019 graduate spotlights

Sydney Vaughn: Associate of Science in Nursing By Ariel Pridgen      Sydney Vaughn is a nursing major who will be...

‘Avengers Endgame‘ Ends an Eleven Year Epic

     “We’re in the end game now,” a quote said in Marvel’s “Infinity War” by Dr. Stephen Strange....

Students present at Annual STEPS Symposium

     ABAC’s Student Engagement Programs (STEPS) is a study program that offers students a variety of study options,...

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority arrives at ABAC

     “If you want people who love you, that’s us,” said Ms. Sharon McDaniels to the students who...

ABAC’s Pegasus Releases its 46 Issue

     Artwork, stories, poems and nonfiction are only a few items that can be found within the pages...

ABAC’s Kylie Bruce brings home the gold

     ABAC sophomore Kylie Bruce recently claimed a huge win at the American Farm Bureau Young Farmers and...

ABAC’S Got Talent!

     And so, another great semester here at ABAC has ended. This time, however, with a bang. ABAC’s...
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