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Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Strands of cotton lay strewn across the ground like litter under a menacing overcast sky. Georgia Representative and local farmer Clay Pirkle stepped onto the field that was once a jewel among his land, while his brow furrowed and turned into a defeated sigh. “Everything was done, it was all ready to harvest, and then the hurricane harvested it...

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Ponder Farms dealing with Michael aftermath

    “We have breaking news, a category two hurricane will make landfall Wednesday morning in the Florida Panhandle....

Tiftarea battles through season and playoffs

   The Southland Academy Raiders challenged the Tiftarea Panthers for the Regional Championship title on Friday, Oct. 2. Both...

Dear Filly: ‘I’m tired of people walking all over me…’

Dear Filly,      I’m tired of people walking all over me. The worst part is, I let them. I...

Doing your share of work

    “I’m sorry, I haven’t finished my part of the project yet. Is that bad?” “Well, the project is...

Disenfranchisement in modern politics

Everyone’s vote counts, right? Of course, but not every vote has to be counted. This approach to voting is...

ABAC Cattlemen’s corn-holing for a cure

“Breast cancer has affected many of our members, past and present, in one way or another, so it hits...

ABAC Cattlemen’s Sixth Annual chili cook off

Students gathered at the Ag Science Building as the ABAC Cattlemen’s Sixth Annual All-American Beef Chili Cook-off heated up....

ACT Speaker Series brings Congressman Austin Scott

Congressmen Austin Scott spoke with the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow at their speaker event before midterm elections about different...

Music teachers rock the stage at ABAC

The First Tuesday Performance Series is in its seventeenth season, and it features a variety of musicians in performances...