Olivia Rodrigo Releases New Single ‘bad idea right’


Olivia Rodrigo released her second track titled “bad idea right?” for her second album, “Guts: set to come out September 8. This will be her second album since her monumental debut album, “Sour.” 

In “bad idea right?”, Rodrigo wrote, “Yes, I know that he’s my ex/But can’t two people reconnect?/I only see him as a friend/The biggest lie I ever said.” The entire narrative of the song centers around her meeting up with her ex without telling her friends because she knows it will not end well. 

The music video was directed by Petra Collins and shows Rodrigo at a house party contemplating going to her ex’s house. Many familiar faces such as Madison Hu, Tate McRae, and Iris Apatow, who are all Rodrigo’s personal friends, make appearances in the video.  

Rodrigo goes on a journey to meet up with her ex by hitching a ride on the back of a truck, hopping on a public bus, and slipping into bed with her old twin flame who was quite literally on fire. 

“bad idea right?” started off as a joke between Rodrigo and friends about her hooking up with one of her exes, but she quickly realized that the joke had potential to be a headbanger.  

Lyrics to the song quickly sparked debate amongst fans. Many flocked to social media to discuss whether Rodrigo’s lyrics say “in whose sheets” or “in his sheets.” Rodrigo had to reply to a comment on a TikTok to confirm the lyrics are “And I told my friends I was asleep/But I never said where or in whose sheets.” 

Rodrigo released merchandise for “bad idea right?”, and it seems like she is bringing the purple from her “Sour” era into her “Guts” era. She released purple dad hats, t-shirts, tote bags, vinyl, and many other items that have variations of “spill ur guts,” “bad idea right?”, “I OR ur GUTS,” and many other sayings that fit into her rebranding.  

The main reason this song did so well is because of how relatable it is for such a broad audience. It has a humorous pop-punk undertone, but it does bring an issue to light. Many women, including myself, find themselves running back to people that do not serve us. Is that really a healthy way to live? 

It is convenient to go back to an old lifestyle, toxic relationship, or bad habit because it is comfortable. That does not mean it is okay. What is okay is becoming comfortable with making yourself uncomfortable. 

Getting the urge to consciously do things that are toxic for our mental or even physical health has become normalized. It is okay to want to do these things that do not serve us, but it is not okay to consciously act on it. This song highlights a bad decision, but this energy surrounding making a bad decision can be channeled elsewhere. 

At first glance, Rodrigo’s music may seem like a typical song about breakups for a teenage girl, but all her music, especially “bad idea right?” can highlight areas of improvement that everyone could work on. 

Anslee James is a junior double majoring in History & Government and Writing & Communication. She is also a part of the Campus Activities Board Executive Board, Vice President of Judiciary Law Club, Vice President of Communications for Phi Theta Kappa, and works part-time at Kumon Tifton as Chief Assistant. She enjoys playing with her dog and watching Grey's Anatomy in her free time. Her post-graduation plans are going to law school.

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