Places in Tifton to hang out off campus

Sign outside of Tift Co Lanes bowling alley. Photo via Tift Co Lanes Facebook page.

When traveling to an unfamiliar town for college, finding nice spots to hang out with friends can become difficult. A dorm can suffice for a while, but it can get boring only hanging out in a tiny room while occasionally Door-Dashing food.  

If you are coming to ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College) or a Tifton native looking for something to do with friends, look no further. 

If you want to healthily hang out with friends, go to the gym with them. The Tifton YMCA not only has a weight room and fitness center, but it also has an aerobics center, outdoor field, running track, pool, and a skateboard park.  

A membership at the Y can cost anywhere from $30-70 a month; this can be pricey for some individuals. However, considering all the facilities offered, it is worth it overall. 

A place to hang out that is entirely free of charge is the park. The nice thing about a park is that it is so flexible.  

If you are alone, reading a book, studying for a change in scenery, or watching the sunrise are all excellent ways to find something to do off campus. If you are with friends, having a picnic or just playing in the park are ways to have plenty of fun. 

Hanging out with someone off campus does not have to be talkative. Taking in the arts of any kind can stimulate the brain and give a new perspective on life. The Plough Gallery posts events for artists on their online calendar. Visitors are also welcome to browse. The best part is that it is entirely free to look at the art.  

Getting back into the outdoors a bit, ABAC’s Georgia Museum of Agriculture has many attractions that can serve as a fun hang-out. There is even a petting zoo where you can meet and feed baby animals. 

A less serious take on going to take in the arts can be going to the movies. Certain theaters have membership passes where you can get a discount if you are a regular movie-watcher. There are many types of films playing this time of year. Whether you need a laugh, cry, or punch something, you can find a movie for it. 

Walmart is a classic small-town hang-out spot; everyone hangs out in the parking lot for some reason. It can always be used for its purpose – groceries and other necessities. However, nothing beats walking around a Walmart with no real meaning, just hanging out. 

After the Walmart trip, there might be some intense hunger stirring up. This is what calls for a mandatory Waffle House trip. Sharing an All-Star Special is not necessary, but it adds to the Waffle House experience. 

No matter the town, the bowling alley is the best place to hang out. It does cost, but it is not an outrageous price. If bowling is not your forte, there is an arcade with many attractions and games at Tift County Lanes. 

Coming to a new town for college can be intimidating, but that does not mean hanging out with friends or by yourself should be. With time, Tifton continues to grow to add more ‘hotspots’ for students to hang out at to have the best college experience possible. 

Anslee James is a junior double majoring in history & government and writing & communication. When she isn’t at the gym, she can be found playing with her dog, Lola, or listening to Taylor Swift. She hopes to eventually become an attorney and become a partner of a firm in the future.

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