Joining the Staff


Meetings for Fall 2023 will be held every Monday at 3:30. Virtual options are available through Microsoft Teams for Bainbridge writers. Our meetings serve to assign articles, check on staff progress, and address any concerns the office may have.

The Work

Our staff members range from editors, staff writers, photographers, to broadcasters. While each has their own range of expertise, all members of staff are expected to serve the ABAC community and work towards the overall growth of the team.

May 2023 Update

We are currently looking for:

Copy Editor: Working weekends to edit and revise our newspaper before it is sent for printing. Must be knowledgable in Associated Press format and basic grammar skills.

Agriculture Editor: Stay informed with changes in the agriculture world on and off campus, provide ideas for agriculture stories each issue, and lay out the Agriculture section using Adobe InDesign.

Writers: We constantly need individuals to write for our publication. One must have drive and the passion to learn as they support the team and community.

How We Serve You

While The Stallion serves the campus community through our content, our organization is available to boost academic careers and set a bright path for the future of students.

Practicums and internships can be completed with The Stallion. Students are not required to have any background knowledge of the media field.

One can expect to learn a variety of the following:

  • Newswriting Skills
  • A Greater Understanding of Media
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Layout and Design Tactics
  • Marketing Skills
  • And More