Ms. ABAC 2023 Emily Groat plans for the 2023 school year


Emily Groat, the recently crowned Ms. ABAC 2023, has officially earned herself a new title as the 2023 Miss Georgia Turpentine Queen. In addition to being crowned Turpentine Queen, Groat was also the overall interview winner at the 2023 Miss Georgia Forestry State Scholarship Pageant. 

The Miss Forestry Pageant is the oldest and largest scholarship pageant in Georgia that promotes forestry and agriculture through titles such as Miss Georgia Forestry and Miss Georgia Turpentine.  

When Groat was not busy with her many duties as Ms. ABAC 2023 and preparing for the Georgia Forestry pageant, she was busy promoting what she knows best, educating others on the importance of agriculture. 

Groat is happy to hold two titles that really represent who she is. She said, “It will help keep me busy, but it is an honor to get to represent two of my favorite things, ABAC and agriculture.” 

While participating in the Miss Georgia Forestry Pageant, Groat got the opportunity to learn more about forestry, and the pageant took contestants on an industry tour where Georgia Forestry Commissioners educated young girls and women on the importance of the forestry industry. 

“The most important fact: PEOPLE are the NUMBER 1 cause of forest fires! Please be cautious of what you’re burning, where you’re burning, and don’t toss cigarette butts on the ground!” Groat said while recalling the information she learned about forestry through the pageant.  

After the titleholders went on an industry tour, they went on another tour at ABAC’s Georgia Museum of Agriculture’s historic village. The tour was led by Brooke Vanzant, ABAC student and 2022 Miss Georgia Forestry Queen, who Groat credits helping her on the journey from Ms. ABAC to Turpentine Queen. 

Groat was grateful for Vanzant’s support. “She was supportive, inspiring, and amazing through every step of the process.” 

Groat plans to compete as Miss Georgia Turpentine at the Miss Forestry Pageant. Alongside the other titleholders, she will attend monthly events as a representative for the importance of educating others on the forestry industry. 

On top of all her pageant duties, Groat has spent the last four years staying involved on campus by being the president of Sigma Alpha, School of Agriculture and Natural Resources leader, Stallion Society team member, and working in ABAC admissions. 

As Ms. ABAC and a member of the Stallion Society, Groat has helped students learn more about campus all summer. She has several future appearances planned such as: Stallion Day, truck and tractor pull, and the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

Anslee James is a junior double majoring in history & government and writing & communication. When she isn’t at the gym, she can be found playing with her dog, Lola, or listening to Taylor Swift. She hopes to eventually become an attorney and become a partner of a firm in the future.

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