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Friday, July 30, 2021

Vaccinations Administered on Campus

The days where only a small portion of high-risk citizens could get the COVID-19 vaccine are finally over. As of March, any Georgian 16...

Darby Sewell Returns to the Classroom

Dr. Darby Sewell will be resigning from her position as Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and returning to a teaching role at ABAC...
Disclaimer: Not all official reports were made available to Stallion staff. Reports containing private information regarding medical emergencies, medical information, etc. are not included in the comprehensive reports released to Stallion staff.

Campus Safety: Spring 2021 Incidents

With another tumultuous semester in the age of COVID-19 coming to a close, global pandemic aside, how safe have students been on ABAC’s campus?...

Professor Promotes Classroom Diversity

ABAC is home to a diverse community of clubs and organizations whose purpose is to enrich the college experience for its students. One professor...

Housing Policy Updates for 2021-2022

March is effectively over, and that means a lot of you are going to have to start thinking about whether to apply for housing...