Dear Filly: ‘One of my online professors…’


Dear Filly,

One of my online profesors is deadly boring. How can I tell him to speed it up because I’m falling asleep? I’m afraid that speaking up will hurt my grade.


Snoring in Class



Dear Snoring in Class,

Oh Neighh! First of all, thanks for reaching out. I think we have all had those professors who are boring. Whether it’s a monotone voice, slow speech, or simply zero interaction with students, we can all relate.

Whenever it comes to anything in life, your voice is your strongest tool. You should never be afraid to speak up, especially whenever it is potentially beneficial for you. I say maybe email your professor, explain that you are having difficulty keeping focus during lectures. Kindly explain this, and do not be harsh with your words. Your professor will most likely respect you for reaching out and wanting to better yourself in his class!


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