Dear Filly: ‘Why do veterans have their…’


Dear Filly,

     Why do veterans have their own special success center on campus? What about the rest of the students? I sit and work at the desks in the study area in Branch Hall and would enjoy a nice place like their center to work. They have free food and printing and we have to pay for all of our stuff. I already don’t like veterans because they’re just government pawns in the disruption of world peace, so why should they get special treatment?




Dear Anonymous,

     There are plenty of places in the Branch Student Center alone that have quiet study areas. These places include the library on the first floor of Branch, the Academic Achievement Center and the many empty conference rooms on the third floor of Branch.

     These veterans have earned their right to have their own success centers here. They deserve so much more for fighting for our country. I believe that free printing and free food is the least that we can do as a college to give our thanks to them. There’s no need to attack these students because of your own personal bias.




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