Dear Filly: ‘Ranch hands and big pickup…’


Dear Filly,

     Ranch hands and big pickup trucks, I get it. It’s ABAC, but can we talk about the parking? If I can’t fit my vehicle in between your trucks, I’m probably going to rip your tailgate off and keep driving.


Road Rager



Dear Road Rager,

     This isn’t really a question but my advice is that it would definitely be best if you did not do that. The best thing to do in the situation is to remain calm even though it is annoying. It does seem like it’s usually trucks that don’t know how to park, or think that they can take over the road, or ride your tail or blind you with their lights…where was I going with this? Oh, right. Don’t destroy their truck. That will only get you in trouble. Just remember the truck owners are probably compensating for something.



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