Dear Filly: ‘I met this girl…’


Dear Filly,

I met this girl I’m kind of interested in, but she has a baby and is two years younger than me. We’re both over the age of 18. I just don’t know if I’m ready for any kind of responsibility that has to do with a kid. What do I do?


Daddy Not to Be



Dear Daddy Not to Be,

Unless you’re ready to be called “daddy” in more ways than one, I would suggest not going any further with her. If you were to be in a relationship with her knowing that you do not want a kid, then you are just wasting her time, your time and the kid’s time. You may like her, but you must like her kid as well if she is someone you want to be in a serious relationship with. If you aren’t ready, then just remember that there are other horses in the stable.



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