Dear Filly: “I was recently sexually harassed…”


Dear Filly,

I was recently sexually harassed on campus and I find it astonishing that the police reports on campus have only said they have received reports of harassment. I think it would be highly beneficial to let the students know what happens on campus so they can be safe. I wasn’t just harassed, I was sexually harassed and it has affected me. The police and dean have resolved to issue. Who should I talk to, to bring awareness to the things that happen around campus in the police reports? You do not think it happens till it happens to you.



Dear Anonymous,

Sexual harassment is a very serious topic and should not be taken lightly. It is easy for people to turn a blind eye to matters that they do not want to deal with or that they believe doesn’t concern them. Contacting your local media and alerting us of this issue was the right thing to do. The police should release detailed reports to enlighten students of what really happens on campus, especially since they’re supposed to be open to the public.

The ABAC Police may think the reports of harassment are enough to satisfy the crowd of concerned college kids, but sexual harassment is a different form and needs to be specified. When police reports are filed labeling sexual harassment as only harassment it definitely makes it seem like there’s something to hide and that does not make anyone feel safe. Shoot, I’m a horse and even I know the difference! So keep your head up, Anonymous, and know that reaching out to the media is a great way for your voice to be heard.

If you are interested in working with us on this issue, then you should stop by our office on the 2nd floor of Branch on the Student Media Hall.



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