Cultural Latina Club scores with tournament


     The Moultrie team posed with smiles as they held their victory trophy. The team took first place at the third annual soccer tournament held by the Cultural Latina Club (CLC). The tournament was held at ABAC’s soccer field with the purpose of promoting socialization between different communities, and to bringing awareness to the Cultural Latina Club on campus.

     The CLC worked with the Chair of the Soccer Committee, Juan Martinez, to bring together teams and to organize the event. Twelve teams participated in the tournament. “Omega United,” “Albany United” and “La Rosa” were three of the teams that competed.

     Family and friends sat on the grass and in chairs as they cheered for their favorite soccer team. “Organization wise, I would say that this year has been the best yet,” said Samantha Rodriguez, one of the organizers of the event.

     Samantha expressed hopes that next year there would be a more diverse selection of teams at the tournament, “We would still need to find more ways to get more people from the community to attend our event rather than just the teams and families of the teams or CLC members.”

     The tournament was labeled a success with many sponsors and a large turnout of spectators. Three years of success and the CLC can now add another event to their list, alongside their corn on the cob sales and their dance performances at La Fiesta del Pueblo and Hispanic Heritage Day during the fall. The CLC hopes to repeat the event in the fall semester and welcomes all students to attend.

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