Rise of the Fillies

ABAC'S athletic fields remain in use during the summer. Photo by Delaney Garcia.

The ABAC soccer team had a difficult season during the 2022-2023 calendar year, finishing with an overall record of 2-10. Following their last loss being played by South Georgia State College and the losing score being 8-0, the Fillies hope to bounce back and have higher-scoring games on their side this season. 

One of the biggest issues facing the ABAC soccer team last season was their lack of scoring, making it difficult to win games. Without a strong offense, it’s hard to compete at a higher level. 

Their defense was another difficulty. They let up 4.29 goals a game on average, which put a lot of pressure on their offense. It’s challenging to establish a rhythm and create scoring chances when you’re playing from behind. 

The team struggled with consistency. They had some good games, but they also had some really bad ones. Fillies must find a way to play at a high level every game if they want to start winning. 

One of the key players on the team last season was goalkeeper Alex La Sala. I had the opportunity to speak with him and reflect on last season and his opinion of the upcoming season. 

“I haven’t met all the new players that are on the team this coming season yet, but I know  Coach Earls and I’m positive he recruited great and motivated players. My teammates from  last season, who are continuing to play this year, are all super-talented soccer players  without any exception. I’m very excited for this season and this year’s team. I’m certain this  is going to be a great year for ABAC’s soccer team.” 

I asked La Sala what he thought this year’s team would need to improve on to compete better at a higher level. He said, “I think that, from my experience at ABAC, the team needs to play more aggressively, and I don’t mean foul more, but instead play more offensive, especially when it comes to 1v1 situations. Make the opponent fight for the ball.” 

Fans of the team wonder why last year’s season got held back from competing at a much higher level. 

“It was difficult to get into the groove of playing together. We probably would’ve needed some more time to get to know each other and the way we played to play better as a team,” said La Sala. 

“I think it’s important to get to know each player and spend time on and off the field to be able to not just feel like a team, but also play like a team.”  

Being a student-athlete is difficult and many new players wonder how to juggle schoolwork and athletics, all while being a team player.La Sala encouraged group efforts and friendship to keep one’s head in the game. 

He said, “Get together before the season starts and talk about your joint goal for the season and what you’re willing to do to get there. Throughout the season, never lose track of that goal no matter how hard it’ll get. Help each other and motivate each other to become the best version and to achieve that goal. Be each other’s friends, not enemies. And most importantly always remember why you chose this sport and don’t stop having fun playing it.” 

Although the 2022–2023 season for the ABAC soccer squad was difficult, there is cause for optimism.  

They have a chance to improve their record as numerous important players will be back the next season. They might have a much stronger season this upcoming year if they can start scoring more goals, tighten up their defense, and play with greater consistency. 

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