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Under the leadership of Athletic Director Charles Wimberly, and President Tracy Brundage, ABAC Basketball will be coming back to campus. Renovations are currently undergoing inside Gressette Gymnasium to prepare it for many competitive future seasons. “Athletically, ABAC has so much to offer”, Wimberly said. “Our success every year is evidence of that. “We have tradition, facilities, and community support already in place. Moving to four-year athletics will continue to propel us forward.”

ABAC has not had a basketball team since 2008, but upon the arrival of new sports like Cross Country, it was easy to see potential for recruiting and brand building from the student body, and surrounding high school students applying to ABAC.

President Tracy Brundage is very excited for the return of Basketball here on campus, stating, “This is a tremendous day for ABAC.” I’m not just talking about athletics. This a great day for the entire college and our community. This directly aligns with our goals and strategic initiatives in enrollment and brand recognition. The support that ABAC received from many community partners, as well as the plan our team put together, proved to the Board of Regents that this was the right decision.”

Southern States Commissioner Mike Hall paid a visit to the ABAC campus earlier this year and said it would be a good fit for the SSC. This is a big step for ABAC, and will bring many new students and events to the campus. President Brundage acknowledges this progress, saying, “Participation in a four-year athletics conference will allow ABAC to continue to build our brand. Athletics can bind a campus community together with a sense of pride and identity. It’s more than just a logo or a mascot. A brand embodies mission, character, history, and legacy that has an emotional impact. ABAC has that and this move will help us further our mission athletically and academically.”

Not only can ABAC students boast of our beautiful campus and unique events like the truck and tractor pull, students will be able to gather and cheer on our very own professional basketball team. This will help bring students together, and even more appreciation and pride for our beloved campus.

Will is 20 years old, and is working towards an associate's degree from ABAC. He loves writing, religion, philosophy, and working out. When not at the gym or listening to podcasts, Will can be found watching TV or playing Mario Kart with his family. He hopes to become a Lineman after graduating.

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