Dear Filly: ‘I have a unique hobby…’


Dear Filly,

     I have a unique hobby that nobody around here is involved with. No clubs and none of my friends or the people I’ve talked to know or care about it. Should I try to start a club, or maybe look for an online community?


Lonely Liam



Dear Lonely Liam,

     The beauty of being on a college campus with hundreds of other people is that you have the chance to engage with people who have many different interests, and hopefully with people who have some things in common with you.

     Starting a club is a great opportunity to connect with people with similar interests, but first, you want to make sure that there is enough interest around campus to make starting that club a reality.

     There is a minimum number of people required to show interest, for the school to allow a group to become a club. Ask around and start looking for people who share your interest in these hobbies. You never know, you may find that there are a lot of people like you, and starting a club is a chance to get some great leadership experiences.

     If not, then online communities still offer some really great opportunities to connect with others, and sometimes come with chances to even meet people from that community, depending on how large and widespread the online community is.



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