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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Dear Filly: ‘I have a unique hobby…’

Dear Filly,      I have a unique hobby that nobody around here is involved with. No clubs and none of my friends or the...

Dear Filly: ‘My roommate has a problem…’

Dear Filly, My roommate has a problem with cleaning. They never do the dishes, and if the trash needs to be taken out, it always...

Dear Filly: ‘Me and this girl are going on a trip…’

Dear Filly,     Me and this girl are going on a trip together for school. We’ve been getting together off and on for a...

Dear Filly: ‘I’m struggling to figure food out…’

Dear Filly, I’m struggling to figure out what to do for food. I have a meal plan, but D-Hall food isn’t the best. I mean,...

Dear Filly: ‘My roommate won’t flush the toilet…’

Dear Filly,      My roommate is bad about not flushing the toilet. It’s really disgusting, especially when we have guests. I’ve talked to them...