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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Tiftarea Panthers push forward in state playoffs

      CHULA– The Panthers seemed to be feeling themselves again after defeating the Deerfield-Windsor High School Knights in the Panther Pit 35-0....

Brookwood Warriors attempt a fast one on Panthers

     CHULA– The Brookwood High School Warriors came to Pantherville desperate to deliver another blow to the Tiftarea Panthers season and clutch a...

Women soccer athletes deserve fair and equal pay

     When you think of America’s sport, you think of football or basketball, some people would even say baseball or golf. One sport...

Soliday’s perfect season record with Panthers shattered

     Tiftarea Academy Panthers suffered a defeat Friday, Oct. 4, when the team played the Valwood School Valiants. The game ended with the...

Phase two begins for Intramural fall season

     It’s time for the intramural sports season to begin phase two at ABAC and the recreation department is looking for teams interested...