Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Will Bowen


Will is 20 years old, and is working towards an associate's degree from ABAC. He loves writing, religion, philosophy, and working out. When not at the gym or listening to podcasts, Will can be found watching TV or playing Mario Kart with his family. He hopes to become a Lineman after graduating.

Return of ABAC basketball

Under the leadership of Athletic Director Charles Wimberly, and President Tracy Brundage, ABAC Basketball will be coming back to campus. Renovations are currently undergoing...

The return of Jon Jones

Jon Jones took his triumphant return to the UFC after a three-year hiatus to fight Cyril Gane. Jones is back and has signed an eight-fight...

What Could Make Thrash Gym Better?

Thrash Gym is very popular with the student population here at ABAC. It has dozens of visitors a day and is a great place...

Nihilism in Literature, and What It Tells Us

By: William Bowen Nihilism in Literature, and what it tells us Nihilism is the philosophy that throughout all the universe, nothing really matters, there is no...

Fasting As a Virtue, Tool, and Philosophy

By: William Bowen: Staff Writer Fasting was, and still is, a central part of many belief systems throughout history, though it is not practiced or...

ABAC Freshmen Should Not Be Required to Have a Meal Plan

Meal plans are required for all ABAC first-year students, and they are far too expensive, sitting at around 1,545 dollars per semester. Food is...

How ABAC Students are Restoring the True Meaning of Memorial Day

"Carry The Load" is an organization focused on restoring the original meaning of Memorial Day and honoring the sacrifices of veterans and first responders. ABAC...