Friday, September 29, 2023
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Delaney Garcia


Delaney is a senior writing and communication major with a passion for photography and design. In her freetime, she can be found playing video games or listening to music. She enjoys meeting new people in the ABAC community and telling their stories.

Rodeo Club returns to lasso the new year

Rodeo Club has made a gallopin’ and wranglin’ return to ABAC’s campus. On Sept. 7, the club had its first meeting of the semester....

Getting ready for fall: welcome back to ABAC

College is the beginning of a very new chapter in many individuals’ lives. If they are a student at ABAC, that new life begins...

Opinion: Why do we need sexualized high schoolers in media?

Nothing says “smash-hit television” like gliding around child labor laws and producing an unachievable beauty standard for actual high schoolers.   The process of casting actors...

ABAC student hospitalized after ATV accident

ABAC agriculture major Rebecca Wood from Leslie, Georgia was hospitalized the evening of June 10 following an all-terrain vehicle accident.  The sophomore only intended for...

Opinion: Being in a small, non-ag major can suck sometimes

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s main persona encompasses everything a Southern lifestyle is. It is down-to-earth, humble, welcoming, and honoring of the agriculture industry.  There is...

ABAC Homecoming makes a smooth landing for students

ABAC’s homecoming created another week filled with friendly competition between clubs and community growth. The Top Gun-themed week, “Top Gun Thunder: Need for Steed,”...

Thunder gallops through another “neigh-mazing” year 

ABAC’s 2022-2023 school was like no other. Operating at a capacity much greater than in previous years, the school held many events for students...

Pegasus celebrates 50th year with annual launch party

Another semester of success is coming to fruition as Pegasus celebrates its 50th anniversary with an annual launch party. The launch is open to...

Never Giving Up: ABAC’s Charleigh Harper on Diabetes Diagnosis

At just 18 years old, ABAC student Charleigh Harper was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This rare scenario created a lot of strife and...

The New Flower Girl Next Door: Belle’s Flower Truck’s New Owner

Floriography, the language of flowers, is a visceral part of human culture. Whether it is a romantic date or a solemn passing, flowers are...

The Queen is DEAD

Social Media Editor After nearly 70 years of reign, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom passed away at age 96. Medical supervision was brought...

Nursing Majors Spotlight

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College prides itself on the professional agricultural workers it creates, but the nursing program has a statewide reputation for producing nurses...