You’ll get a kick out of ‘Kung Fury’


     Fighting crime and hacking through time, that’s what the instant hit “Kung Fury” is about. The 2015 film “Kung Fury” by Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg is a vintage classic in modern times. The film begins in 1985, with a rugged bachelor, aptly named Kung Fury, a Miami cop gifted with supreme kung fu powers he gained after being struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra at the same time.

     After an attack on his department, Kung Fury must travel back in time in order to defeat the evil Adolf Hitler and protect his city.

     With the help of his partner Triceracop, and his friends Hackerman, Katana and Thor, will Kung Fury be able to save the day? If that summary doesn’t give you an idea of just how much of a wild wired this movie is, then perhaps some background in its creation will.

      Directing and starring as the Film’s Lead, David Sandberg actually had to crowdfund for the entire film, hitting the original $200,000 Kickstarter goal in less than 24 hours. However, in order to produce a complete feature film, a bigger budget was needed.

     Due to there being limited funds, the film’s team could only afford one police costume, so all the cops in this film are filmed separately and just green screened together. Though the production team may have skimped on the costumes, they certainly did not hold back on the incredible special effects and even more impressive soundtrack. Complete with 80s VHS film distortion and music inspired by the time, “Kung Fury” even includes an original song by David Hasselhoff made exclusively for the film.

     As great of a movie this is, it is no surprise to hear a full-length film is in the works. Added to the cast are action stars Michael Fassbender, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are confirmed to star alongside Hasselhoff and Sandberg in the future.

     Perhaps the best part of this film is it is entirely free to watch, as the creators have uploaded it to YouTube for all to enjoy. With its wonderful cast and incredible soundtrack, “Kung Fury” is entirely worth the watch.

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