‘Russian Doll’ is one of Netflix’s top shows

     Same day, different death. Netflix’s new original “Russian Doll” definitely does not disappoint. It hooks audiences in with its incredible cast, soundtrack and fascinating plot. Natasha Lyonne’s performance is nothing short of outstanding.

     The story begins with Lyonne’s character, Nadia Vulvokov, staring at her reflection in a bathroom on her birthday. Unbeknownst to her, she will have to become very familiar with that bathroom. Each death she experiences always ends the same, waking up in the same bathroom listening to the same song and hearing the same knocking.

     However, only she remembers the events that lead up to that perpetual moment. Though the characters are doomed to repeat the same day over and over, this does not mean the plot lacks in twists and turns.

     The show does a great job engrossing its audience by creating relatable characters along with providing hints to keep the audience guessing as to what happens next, and asking, “Why is this happening?”

     The writers allow the viewers to experience frustration along with the characters who struggle to find answers to those questions and constantly have to start over after any progress is made.

     Created by Leslye Headland, Amy Poehler, and Lyonne herself, “Russian Doll” has already been making headlines, despite its recent Feb. 1 debut. A fusion of drama, mystery and a hint of comedy, this is a show that is unsurprisingly binge-watchable.

     The characters, plot and soundtrack will stay with you long after you’ve finished it, and that’s not just because the deaths reset to the same song each time. With great performances by Charlie Barnett, Elizabeth Ashley and Natasha Lyonne the show consists of eight episodes all 25 minutes in length.

     Viewers experience what the characters do more so than other shows by continuously keeping them on edge. There’s humor, heartbreak and at times, even horror. Overall, “Russian Doll” is perhaps one of the top Netflix original shows to have been released.  If you’re itching for a new Netflix binge, give “Russian Doll” a go. You will not be let down.


The Government shutdown-bad for Americans

     Congratulations to President Trump for leading the nation into what is now the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The country has not seen a shutdown this lengthy since 1995-1996 during the Clinton administration. Unlike that shutdown, which was due to healthcare, environment and educational budgeting, this current shutdown is all because of Donald Trump’s beloved border wall.

     Despite the majority of the country not wanting an expensive wall, there are still some Trump supporters in favor of it. However, even with its large budget, protesters gathered at the border proved the futility of the wall by sawing a giant hole in Trump’s wall prototype.

     With this shutdown being the longest one on record, there are already negative effects directly related to the lack of an organized central government. National parks, such as California’s Joshua Tree National Park, have been permanently damaged by unsupervised visitors. The FDA has stopped their routine food inspections, putting the entire country at risk for foodborne illnesses. Both FDA and National Parks employees along with many other government workers will not be receiving their paychecks.   This unfortunate situation will mean government employees will have to take money out of their savings or find another source of income if they live paycheck to paycheck. To add more complications to this, certain government employees will have to find entirely new jobs in order to keep supporting their families.

     The worst part to this continuing story is according to Donald Trump, he is prepared for the shutdown to last for “months or even years.” Though the president is prepared for this, it is safe to say the rest of the nation most certainly is not.

     With the 2020 presidential election approaching quickly, this shutdown could cost either party the presidency depending on who ends up taking the blame for it. Donald Trump has already begun blaming the Democrats for it, despite him being the one to threaten a national emergency.     This has been Trump’s second government shutdown in his short two-year term. This shutdown has already caused irreparable damage, and playing the blame game won’t stop the country from descending into further chaos.


Stakes raised in election runoff for Secretary of State

The Georgia Secretary of State runoff election has arrived, though it is not a runoff between governor candidates Brian Kemp and Stacy Abrams like so many of the United States’ citizens anticipated. Rather, Dec. 4 is the final day to vote on who will be in charge of the state’s votes. While the last election still haunts some voter’s, this is an opportunity for people to vote for someone who will make sure that every vote is counted and every election is held fairly.

After the broken voting machines, closed polling locations, and other unfair voting restrictions, this election will help voters determine what their future elections will look like. In particular, the 2020 presidential election will be one of the major events affected by this election.

However, with every non-presidential election, media coverage and voter turnout are rather slim. According to the nonpartisan Pew Research Center, America’s midterm voting turnout is one of the lowest in all developed nations. Even with all of the voting issues, Georgia’s 2018 midterm elections received a major increase in voters. Political campaigns and advertisements covered all corners of the media.

Early voting has not been as successful as it was during the midterms as many individuals are not aware that there is a runoff taking place. Others may just not be concerned with this election, despite its implications. Nov. 30 was the last day for early voting, which means people will have to vote on Election Day, which might be busy and crowded.

If the past election is any indication of what 2020 might resemble, it is very important that voters take into consideration what happened during these last midterms. There was a lawsuit filed against Kemp by the ACLU, asserting that Kemp was unfairly discarding ballots based on certain state laws. Practices such as these should not be allowed, and have no place in Georgia’s political system. Georgia citizens need someone who will make sure all votes are counted, and that all future elections will be fair and transparent.


Disenfranchisement in modern politics

Everyone’s vote counts, right? Of course, but not every vote has to be counted. This approach to voting is one the Kemp campaign, and a few other Republican politicians decided to take. As the midterm elections took place, many people, predominantly people of color had issues casting their ballot.

Many who voted Democratic had issues regarding their names and signatures. If their signatures did not identically matchup, they would not be allowed to vote. If their names did not always include a hyphen, they would not be allowed to vote even though they did not always control whether or not the hyphen was included in all government documents. Even if there were no technical issues with someone’s vote, if they turned in an absentee ballot, there might have been a chance it was not counted. (The Democrats are currently filing suit against Kemp over delayed votes.)

  Along with these types of issues dealing with the voters themselves, entire polling places have had difficulties as well. Reports have been coming in regarding polling locations being closed off to the public, even having to call the fire department to break into the polling stations to allow voters to cast their ballots.

Certain polling locations were found to be in abandoned buildings. Multiple polling places reported having too few voting machines, broken machines or machines sent to them with no plugs. Machines were also found to be changing people’s votes from Abrams to Kemp.

With such a mess from this past election, one wonders who was in charge of it. The answer is Brian Kemp, the very same man who is running in the election he was in charge of. This is a clear conflict of interest, with many including the former president Jimmy Carter, calling for Kemps resignation as soon as his gubernatorial campaign began.

However, Kemp did not step down until after the election and all its voter suppression ended. Conservatives are doing everything they can to keep a hold on their districts, even if it means they have to fight dirty.

President Trump went to Twitter, to congratulate Kemp’s great race in Georgia and called for the Democrats to move on. However, there was nothing great about this race. The voter suppression directly affected people of color and calls back to the days of disenfranchisement and Jim Crow.


ABAC Cattlemen’s corn-holing for a cure

“Breast cancer has affected many of our members, past and present, in one way or another, so it hits close to home,” says Savannah Maddox, Vice President of the ABAC Cattlemen’s Association. Last Tuesday, on Oct. 23, the Cattlemen’s held their second annual “Savin’ the Ta-Tas Cornhole Tournament” in hopes to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Students and Faculty from all over campus were invited to join in this friendly fundraising event.

Students and Clubs participating in the tournament, and those attending were able to donate towards their favorite teams. All proceeds raised were donated to the research foundation. Each team of two had names like “Cruisin’ Cornholers,” “Small Town Throw Down,” “Bagnificent,” and “Bad News Baggers.” The winning team, “The Gruesome Twosome” sponsored by ABAC’s Turf Club featured the players Andrew Brice and Hodges Hunter.   The Cattlemen’s hope to keep this tradition going so future students can look forward to the event every fall, much as they do for the AET’s annual Truck and Tractor Pull. Previously, the club held a barn dance but changed it to a Cornhole tournament to promote the event to others outside of the club. “We figured that a cornhole tournament would allow us to reach out to other people and clubs on campus outside of the ABAC Cattlemen’s Association,” said Maddox adding, “Everyone is welcome to come out and take time to relax in the craziness that is October.”

The Cattlemen’s Association decided to hold a breast cancer awareness event as it was a topic they all felt very strongly about. “We as a club have a platform to put on a fundraiser such as this, and we want to take advantage of our resources and make a difference.” The club chose the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as they wanted to make sure they donated to a credible organization and it happens to be one of the highest rated organizations in the United States. By the end of the night, the Cattlemen’s Association raised a total of $390, which was a significantly larger amount than they raised the previous year. They hope to continue to keep the fundraiser growing each year, with students from all over campus anticipating the event.