And so, another great semester here at ABAC has ended. This time, however, with a bang. ABAC’s third annual talent show “ABAC’s Got Talent” may not have been its largest, but it was one that won’t be forgotten for a long time. Hosted by Resident Housing Association’s Julie Ramirez and Ronald Pugh, the night was full of redemption performances, talented singers and a surprise act from last year’s winner. Thursday’s show kept the audience entertained and wanting more.

     The show started off with Brianna Thomas’ rendition of the iconic 2003 Evanescence song “Bring Me to Life,” where she showed off her stage presence and shared her powerful vocals with the audience.

     Second to perform was Hannah Mosely, who was accompanied by her ukulele. Mosely delivered an emotional performance singing, “Preacher’s Daughter,” silencing the entire audience as they experienced the story of the song. A performance so captivating it won her second place.

     The group performance by Hunter Rowland, Matt Bowen, and Wilson Boyd was a showstopper. However this was not their first performance together, as they frequently perform live music around the Tifton area, often at The Pub. Their version of Jamey Johnson’s “In Color,” once again gained the audience’s favor as the performance showed they truly belonged on the stage.

     In third place was Lacey Johnson singing “Talking to the Moon,” originally performed by Bruno Mars. Passionately performed, Johnson had the crowd enthusiastically join in singing and cheering long after she left the stage. Johnson, having only rehearsed very shortly before performing, still managed to leave everyone with chills during her song.

     Another performer who left the crowd in awe as the very talented Kristen Davis. Though she battled a bit of stage fright mid-song, with the audience’s roaring support she finished the song even stronger than before demonstrating her incredible vocal ability and definitely getting a few tears from the audience as she sang her heart out with “I Dreamed a Dream.”

     Though not all the performers were singers, last year’s winner Mathew Alan’s dance performance had everyone dancing and getting excited over which song they recognized from his mix.

     As for the winner of the show, first place went to Landon Rowe’s stunning performance of Bob Dylan’s, “Make you Feel my Love.” This performance surely deserved first place as the entire house was covered in goosebumps, and some eyes even watered. From the first note, Rowe and his guitar captivated everyone’s attention and held onto it until the end. While the show was brief, ABAC once again reminds everyone that it most certainly does have talent.

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