The Government shutdown-bad for Americans


     Congratulations to President Trump for leading the nation into what is now the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. The country has not seen a shutdown this lengthy since 1995-1996 during the Clinton administration. Unlike that shutdown, which was due to healthcare, environment and educational budgeting, this current shutdown is all because of Donald Trump’s beloved border wall.

     Despite the majority of the country not wanting an expensive wall, there are still some Trump supporters in favor of it. However, even with its large budget, protesters gathered at the border proved the futility of the wall by sawing a giant hole in Trump’s wall prototype.

     With this shutdown being the longest one on record, there are already negative effects directly related to the lack of an organized central government. National parks, such as California’s Joshua Tree National Park, have been permanently damaged by unsupervised visitors. The FDA has stopped their routine food inspections, putting the entire country at risk for foodborne illnesses. Both FDA and National Parks employees along with many other government workers will not be receiving their paychecks.   This unfortunate situation will mean government employees will have to take money out of their savings or find another source of income if they live paycheck to paycheck. To add more complications to this, certain government employees will have to find entirely new jobs in order to keep supporting their families.

     The worst part to this continuing story is according to Donald Trump, he is prepared for the shutdown to last for “months or even years.” Though the president is prepared for this, it is safe to say the rest of the nation most certainly is not.

     With the 2020 presidential election approaching quickly, this shutdown could cost either party the presidency depending on who ends up taking the blame for it. Donald Trump has already begun blaming the Democrats for it, despite him being the one to threaten a national emergency.     This has been Trump’s second government shutdown in his short two-year term. This shutdown has already caused irreparable damage, and playing the blame game won’t stop the country from descending into further chaos.

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