What Could Make Thrash Gym Better?


Thrash Gym is very popular with the student population here at ABAC. It has dozens of visitors a day and is a great place to work out, with great staff. As much as students appreciate Coach Walls and the staff for making such an excellent fitness environment, it could use some upgrades.

Much of the equipment has worn out over the years and needs to be replaced.

Consistent gym goers have let me know their thoughts on the current equipment situation. Almost everyone I asked said it needs new benches. No one likes them because they’re extraordinarily narrow and somewhat dangerous to use. Such narrow benches endanger the shoulder joint during the bench press because there is no support for it throughout the movement. New benches are by far the most requested piece of equipment for Thrash.

The second largest priority is the need for more squat racks, as there are only two, and they’re constantly being used. With many popular workouts requiring a squat rack for extended periods, only having two racks just isn’t working. I’m not the only person who’s gone to train, only to wait 20 to 30 minutes for others to get done using the equipment.

Others said we need at least one new cable setup, as the one currently in use is extremely worn down. So much so that many users try to jerry-rig extra weight onto it so they can effectively use it.

A couple of students pointed out the need for the gym to supply lifting belts. These belts allow one to perform the most popular barbell lifts more safely with extra support for the lower back. These would help to create a safer gym experience.

Others pointed out the need for new and different types of barbells, like Hex-bars or football bars. These would be a much-appreciated addition to the gym. Tons of open space are not being used, which would be an ideal place for sleds or similar implements.

I want to clarify that this article’s intent is not as a complaint against any gym management or staff members. We students greatly appreciate Coach Walls and all gym staff for providing us with a place to work out. So many ABAC students love Thrash gym, and we want to make it as good as possible. Those in charge of distributing funding to the gym must realize that Thrash needs an upgrade, upgrades that hundreds of ABAC gym goers would greatly appreciate for many years to come.

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