Friday, December 8, 2023
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ABAC GSA Celebrates LGBTQ History Month and Fostering Connections on Campus

Although tensions across the world regarding LGBTQ identities remain, ABAC’s Gender Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, is still looking to educate and bring people together...

GSA’s response ‘We’re not going anywhere’

     Slurs against gay rights supporters and alleged vandalism to a hay bale decorated as a rainbow sheep for an ABAC contest sparked...

ABAC Police Chief blames GSA hay bale damage on storm

The ABAC Police Chief, Frank Strickland, blames a thunderstorm for GSA hay bale damage, “We had a pretty good thunderstorm around 1:30 or two...

GSA Hay Bale entry vandalized

(Updated) This year’s ABAC Horticulture Club hay bale contest was subject to acts of hate when ABAC’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) hay bale, a rainbow sheep,...

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