ABAC Police Chief blames GSA hay bale damage on storm


The ABAC Police Chief, Frank Strickland, blames a thunderstorm for GSA hay bale damage, “We had a pretty good thunderstorm around 1:30 or two o’clock in the morning with wind and rain. And there were four or five other hay bales that had damage from the storm. It’s my belief based on the way that this is damaged that it was storm also.”

Although he feels this way, police are still investigating the matter.

“We’re still listening and we’re still paying attention to see if anybody did something intentionally, but I think it’s a high probability that this was done by the thunderstorm,” Strickland said.

Strickland also spoke about developments made in the case, “We identified the folks involved in the first incident. They came by and hollered whatever they hollered. We talked and interviewed all four. One of the boys admitted to saying something pretty ugly that’s been referred administratively to Dean Hughes and student affairs.”

The police report from the incident says they “received a call about students threatening to damage a decorative hay bale on Perimeter Road,” on November 6, at 6:15 p.m.

In our last updated article about the GSA hay bale vandalism, Lindsey Roberts stated, “The ABAC Police Department and the Dean of Students Office are currently investigating the matter. Efforts are being made to determine what happened and how it should be handled.”

Our staff has tried continuously to get a statement from the Dean of Students and the Assistant Dean of Students since the incidences occurred. The same deferred answer is the only response received, “All questions about this issue need to be directed to Lindsey Roberts or the Marketing and Communications Office.”

Upon reaching out to Lindsey Roberts, ABAC Director of Marketing and Communications, said, “We are working on some information for you.” The Stallion is expecting a statement and more information within 24 hours.


  1. “They came by and hollered whatever they hollered. ” This statement in itself gives me all the information I need about the ABAC police department. They do not care about this club or about the damage that the other students caused to their display. The is an OBVIOUS example of a hate crime, but because the club is a GSA they simply don’t care.

    Had this happened to a 4H or an AG club, this would have been their number one priority. SHAME!!!

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