Friday, September 29, 2023
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TV Series Review:Villainess of Obliviousness

What would you do if you realized you were reincarnated into a game you played in your past life? What if you also realized...

Movie Review: A Quiet Place 2

Covid has been a menace. From the time it entered the US, it has caused our world to turn upside down, especially moviegoers. When...

Dear Filly: “I think my room is…”

Dear Filly... I think my room is haunted; it’s scary! Help? Sincerely, Haunting Victim Dear Haunting Victim, Boo! Did I scare you? Everyone knows ghosts aren’t real, but...

ABAC in brief: SANR tops enrollment record

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR) broke its previous enrollment record this fall at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. A total of 1,446 students...

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