TV Series Review:Villainess of Obliviousness


What would you do if you realized you were reincarnated into a game you played in your past life? What if you also realized you’re now the villainess of that game with nothing but bad endings ahead of you? For “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” protagonist Catarina Claes, that is her reality. After sustaining a head injury, she remembers her past life and her favorite otome game (A Japanese-style, story-based video game, usually geared towards women) Fortune Lover, which she now finds herself in the role of the villainess.

The role of Catarina Claes in the game is supposed to be the selfish, high-strung, and downright evil daughter of a noble, who is hateful towards rival the game’s female lead Maria Campbell. Only two endings were possible for this villainess version of Catarina: Death or banishment caused by one of Maria’s male love interests.

meetings between the different personalities and versions of herself within her mind discussing how best to avoid her doom flags, bringing up knowledge from their current life as Catarina and their knowledge of Fortune Lover’s storylines.

her to become oblivious to how the people around her no longer see her as evil at all. In fact, the characters around her now flock to her, taking on different personas than their originals from the game due to her influence. She brings a new life to the world around her, and though she is blind to the fact of how the changes she’s made to her life have affected others, she still cares about the ones closest to her and helps them without regard to the bad ending she so fears.

Catarina decides that she will not fill the role assigned to her and instead decides to be the opposite of everything her character stood for, while also preparing for her possible banishment or attempt on her life.

To the surprise of everyone around her, she begins acting in ways that would not usually be accepted in noble society, including a much more tomboyish nature, as well as learning to farm. She begins fixing relationships between characters she had previously made distrustful or hateful towards her previous to her remembering her past life, going on to becoming friends with the leads of the game, including Maria.

Catarina’s character shows how a change of mindset can help someone, even a villain or villainess can grow and help those around to grow as well.

She does her best to avoid what she calls her flags of doom or set parts of the game that signal her heading to the endings she fears so much. Catarina has comedic

Her focus on her doom flags causes

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