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Monday, June 21, 2021

$1000 One-Time Bonus

The Center for Rural Prosperity and the University System of Georgia is issuing a one-time supplemental payment of $1000 to eligible ABAC Faculty. This payment...

Family of Present and Future Alumni

It’s not every day you hear of an entire family of ABAC students. Magaen Bates, an ABAC graduate, has a family composed of non-traditional,...

New Broadcasting Studio

As ABAC’s campus goes through many renovations, there is one in particular specifically close to The Stallion’s heart. ABAC’s media specialists wanted to renovate...

ABAC Police Reports: Feb. 16 – March 24

Feb. 16  At 20:00 hours, Sgt. Tompkins talked to John Turner. Turner said between 08:00 and 20:00 hours his windshield had been cracked by...

Do Good in Your Neighborhood

As students at ABAC, our place here extends past only being ABAC students. We are members of the South Georgia community during our time...