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Thursday, January 27, 2022

MANRRS Kick Starts Semester

August 17, 2021, MANRRS launched their first meeting Tuesday evening at John Hunt Town Center for the fall semester. MANRRS started its chapter on...

ABAC Parking Frenzy: A Continuing Saga

As students return for the fall semester, parking availability has become an obstacle for both new and returning students. For some students, this parking...

ABAC Mourns the Passing of Dr. Usher

Dr. Jess Usher passed away June 14th, 2021 after a vigilant battle with cancer. Dr. Usher was born December 7th, 1958 in Savanah, Georgia,...

Beloved Biology Professor Dies

May 29, 2021, ABAC Professor Dr. Marvin Holtz passed away. Dr. Holtz received his Bachelor’s in Biology from Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas, his...

Surviving a Pandemic: COVID at ABAC

We are living through an era that our children will read about in their textbooks one day. COVID-19 has brought us all to the...