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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

ABAC Hosts Natural Resources Conservation Workshop

This summer, ABAC was proud to host the 60th annual Natural Resources Conservation Workshop (NRCW) for high schoolers interested in majoring in natural resource...

Horticulture Club Plant Sale

The horticulture club’s plant sale has been an ABAC tradition for many years. It started 43 years ago in 1978; Dr. James Brightwell, the...

Spotlight: Turf Club

ABAC’s Turf Club, a club committed to promoting turfgrass and golf course management, was created in the 1980s. The Turf Club is the ABAC...

Georgia Grown Scrubs: New Project Brings Textile Industry Back

The Georgia Museum of Agriculture (GMA) and the Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation are teaming up for a new project that hopes to...

Women in Agriculture at ABAC

Like many academic fields, the field of agriculture has a long history of barring women from practicing. The first woman to get a degree...