ABAC student hospitalized after ATV accident


ABAC agriculture major Rebecca Wood from Leslie, Georgia was hospitalized the evening of June 10 following an all-terrain vehicle accident. 

The sophomore only intended for a relaxing solo ride to decompress after a long day of socializing. However, it turned into an evening with a lot more chaos. 

According to Wood, her family farm’s ATV is older with little to no braking system. Although this is a feat Wood is used to, she did not anticipate her path to eventually be blocked by a stump.

“I was going way too fast and too wide into a turn, and I had the option to either hit a tree stump or try to turn and avoid it, which probably would’ve flipped me into the ditch,” said Wood.

While she typically wears a helmet during rides, she did not grab it on her way this time. Wood said, “This was a very good lesson to always wear your helmet.”

The decision to hit the stump led the ATV to flip over Wood. She sustained wounds to her face on the forehead and nose upon impact.

Thankfully, Wood was not far out on her family’s property. After calling her mother for help, she was taken to Phoebe Sumter Medical Center in Americus around 8 P.M. 

After examination, they discovered the right side of her pelvis was fractured in two places during the accident.

Early Sunday morning Wood was transported to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for further care. Medical professionals caring for Wood are unsure if there is a need for surgery. 

As of right now, she is in a hip immobilizer and will continue to be for approximately six weeks.

Despite the turn of events, Wood is keeping a positive attitude throughout the ordeal. 

Taking to the popular time-sensitive app “BeReal,” the student updated friends with a picture captioned, “AM OKAY!! unfortunate timing.” 

Support and prayers are being offered as Wood and her family await updates on her condition.

Delaney is a senior writing and communication major with a passion for photography and design. In her freetime, she can be found playing video games or listening to music. She enjoys meeting new people in the ABAC community and telling their stories.

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