April Fools’ Day: OHGOD Erases April Fools’ Day

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April Fools’ Day is a holiday many know well. Some eagerly await the designated day of the year to prank their friends and family, while some anxiously dread the jokes and gags that will inevitably come their way. However, oddly unbeknownst by many, this year will be the final officially recognized celebration of the holiday.

Due to the increasing severity of pranks committed by people around the world, the Official Holiday and Games Operating Directory, otherwise known as OHGOD, has made an executive decision to hereby expunge this holiday from all calendars. In addition to this, if any pranks are reported on subsequent April 1st’s, the perpetrator(s) will face heavy fines and possibly even jailtime.

Despite this groundbreaking decision, there has been little to no media coverage whatsoever. While it could be possible that the general public sees no real downside to this decision, there could be a deeper meaning behind it.

It is possible that OHGOD had the intention of making this decision as quietly as possible in order to punish the more nefarious pranksters and rascals that so ardently revel in the chaos of this most silly holiday next year.

Putting these rogues behind bars could be bringing our society one step closer to peace… or perhaps OHGOD simply wants to snuff out the mischievousness that many hold dearly in their hearts. While no one can say for certain, it is important to know that any tomfoolery next April 1st could bring punishment your way. Stay safe out there.

This article is an April Fools’ Day Joke. OHGOD is not a real organization and April Fools’ Day still exists. Always be mindful of your pranks!

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