A Halt to Renting Books at ABAC


By: Torri Williams: Staff Writer

ABAC Stallion Shop is only allowing students to purchase new or used books since the start of the fall semester. Traditionally, students had the option to rent for various reasons, but that option is no longer available.

“We have a third party, Nebraska Book Company, that assists us with getting the books in the Stallion Shop for students to get the materials needed for the semester. They changed their interfaces and transitioned their brand name to Mosaic which caused multiple changes with the renting program we have offered since 2012,” she continued,

“In order for us to be up to date with the pricing of the company for our store, we had to put a halt on our renting program to have enough money to offer it again. In the years to come, we plan to have it happen again. For the time being, we are implementing inclusive access and online book options for students to have financial opportunities to save money.”

As a business major, I do understand that being flexible is an important aspect to keeping the operations of a company going. However, I’m the consumer and it is has affected me in a negative way. There isn’t blame towards the situation as much, but, more so to purchasing and being mindful towards students who can only use financial aid to purchase their books.

“We are pushing the Book Buybacks more when the semester ends and informing students about the opportunity to get money in their pockets by the end of the semester with their purchase,” said Anderson. I do not like how students lost the option to rent books anymore. It was the most cost-effective option for college students. Realizing that we need to purchase textbooks is absurd to see a community college go that route.

I have experienced many things at ABAC with the years I’ve been pursuing my degree. The knowledge I have about this campus backtracks to 2013 with visiting the campus during the annual Jazz Festivals the music program hosts since I played trombone in my high school’s jazz band. In turn, I have been aware of ABAC for nearly a decade. I bought and rented books with all options that were available. This includes eBook options that tends to be the cheapest option since the content is online.

Regardless, there were options that was able to suffice for a typical college student with their finances. I do appreciate that they are doing their best to have opportunities that can help students to save money with inclusive access with online books. It puts the best deal that ABAC can provide to put in your tuition without having to use your remaining financial aid to pay during the start of classes.

When I first came to college in 2017, I learned that money is essential to the adulting world. The opportunity to purchase books with a deal is a win in my book. My motto is, “Saving money is the move,” The money saved can be used for something else for a different desire in the short or long term.

Renting a book is a temporary loan in my eyes. I would not need to have this book for the rest of my life with what I want to do with my degree post-graduation. I would be asking myself if I were to purchase books the way the Stallion Shop is handling things now would be, “Why would I do so when I can easily go on a website that can let me rent or purchase books for a better price?”

I remember I purchased a book from the Stallion Shop for my Business Law course, which was approximately $400 to buy. It made me realize that I need to start saving money and not use my financial aid as much. I would get a higher reward with the refund checks than using a portion of my leftover expenses on books from campus.

I feel it is absurd to not have the option to rent anymore, regardless of the reasoning behind the situation. College is expensive as is with paying fees that don’t fully reconcile with me or provide me the knowledge to let me decide if I want to put my money into specific fees.

ABAC rates are increasing with the surplus of students attending, which is excellent. There is a positive increase in the student body with what I’m witnessing before I depart in my final semester. However, prices are going up at a rapid pace. Something I have thought about is how we are still in a recession period.

Finances are becoming a bit of a struggle with how the summer came to be with gas prices, groceries, etc., to the point of more battles happening worldwide. I feel that changing certain things, either temporarily or permanently, is concerning. The cost of living is already rising in an area such as the Rural South.

I think something is going on more profound than the surface that will shift our lives drastically in the years to come. New leadership, finances, and issues have always been a steady situation, but now, it seems to fluctuate for the past few years.

Hopefully, students can rent books again to save money in the Stallion Shop soon. I never thought I would see the day when you can only strictly buy or buy used books and not rent.

Photo via abac.edu

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