MANRRS Kick Starts Semester


August 17, 2021, MANRRS launched their first meeting Tuesday evening at John Hunt Town Center for the fall semester. MANRRS started its chapter on ABAC’s campus in 2020 to promote diversity in agriculture and overall involvement with all students holistically no matter their major and cultural background.

Advisors, Dr. Lucia Ona, Dr. Sergio Pichardo, Dr. Pamela Kermerait, Dr. Olumide Aborisade, and Dr. Taylor Hendricks introduced themselves along with the leadership roles of the students of the club. President, Angela Esmeralda, introduced herself to current and potential new members and explained her position and her expectations of where the club is trying to go in the future. Esmeralda also introduced this year’s officers, and they individually explained their positions and the experience they have had with MANRRS when it first started last year.

The mission of MANRRS, outside of shedding light on the minority students in agriculture is “dedicated to career and professional development of a diverse, highly skilled membership involving career opportunities…,” promoting participation and achievement in agriculture, natural resources, and other related sciences for student enrichment. Additionally, encouraging students to invest time in professional development, networking, and career placement in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

The club is having its meetings in the fall semester every other Tuesday. The club members and advisors work together to ensure that everyone can learn more about agriculture and to provide opportunities for these students to find long-term careers once they graduate from ABAC.

Although, the meeting was brief — only containing introductions of current and potential new members. The club is excited to bring in more members this school term with bright ideas on how to have it flourish. Their main goal, which is part of their mission statement, is to bring more diversity within the agriculture and natural resources department for the minority students.

They want to bring more close-up attention to their cause, and their purpose when bringing this chapter to ABAC’s campus.

If you want more information about MANRRS contact President Angela Esmeralda or Vice President Javier Duarte. Their emails are the following: and The advisor to email as well is Dr. Lucia Ona;

The other club members, emails, and positions are as followed: Natalie Sanford, treasurer, at, Jachi Fletcher, secretary, at, Cassidy Herron, parliamentarian, at, and Brittney Carelock, historian, at

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