ABAC Parking Frenzy: A Continuing Saga


As students return for the fall semester, parking availability has become an obstacle for both new and returning students. For some students, this parking frenzy is an indicator of ABAC having a larger number of students. To other students, however, this parking issue is one that has continued far too long. Although this parking issue may seem one-sided, faculty, staff, and even the ABAC Police Department are having to re-evaluate their parking plans this year.

For many students who live on campus, parking in the right areas can be a hassle. For instance, A student who lives in ABAC Place 200 is subject to needing to find parking in the overflow parking lot or the parking lot beside the baseball field.

Although there may seem to be plenty of parking spaces, even the big, overflow parking lot has been full. Unfortunately for students, they are subject to receiving a ticket for improper parking regardless of the present conditions. This poses a problem because students should not be penalized for ABAC’s lack of adequate parking.

According to a story published by ABAC, there was a record number of enrolees in the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Last year, the department had 1, 360 students enrolled in the SANR program. This year, they had a record number of 1, 446 students enroll.

In some students’ view this record number of enrollment could possibly be the cause of the increasing parking problem experienced by students on campus. Even with this problem, however, ABAC Police are committed to enforcing the respective parking places for students, faculty, and staff.   

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