Dear Filly: ‘I love my friends, but…’


Dear Filly,

     I love my friends, but I feel like a filler friend in the group. I used to be included in everything they did, but it’s not that way anymore.

     I’ve tried to put more effort into our friendship, but it seems that all my trying gets ignored. My messages get left on read and my voice gets ignored in the conversation. I feel so alone.

     I feel like they only keep me around to not hurt my feelings. What should I do?


Filler Friend

Dear Filler Friend,

     I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way. No one should have to feel like they’re being excluded from a friend group.

     There could be many reasons that this has happened. You could be interpreting the situation wrong. I would try sitting down with your friends and discussing what is making you feel this way.

    They will either help you come to a resolution or find closure on the situation. Keeping your feelings bottled up isn’t the best thing to do. Give your friends a chance to explain themselves.

     If nothing is done about how you feel, I would look into finding other friends that care about your feelings and make sure that you’re feeling included.



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