Students continue to push for campus recycling


During student government elections last spring, Pierzchajlo asked students all over campus what they believed to be the most prevalent issues. “A lot of people expressed their concerns for the need for both security cameras in the parking lots and recycling on campus,” Pierzchajlo said during an interview.

Even before the matter was brought to his attention by others, Pierzchajlo noticed that Tifton offers to recycle for households, and he couldn’t help but wonder why ABAC doesn’t do the same. Introducing recycling to campus is one of Pierzchajlo’s biggest priorities during his term as Senator. He’s been in contact with ABAC’s Environmental Club in an effort to understand what they’ve done in the past regarding the issue and how they plan to help put the recycling plans into motion.

“ABAC would not be saving money, but I feel we could make a small difference. That’s what matters. Students are impressionable at this age and could get in the habit of recycling,” said Pierzchajlo, “It would be a great service in the long run rather than just a way to clean up trash and bottles.”

The process of enabling recycling on campus could be rather slow. The SGA members do not possess the same power as a real delegation of elected officials. “We’re unable to push things straight through. Instead, we have to make things go slowly. We aren’t above or even beside the administration. We are below them,” Pierzchajlo explained, “All we can do is make recommendations.”

SGA members meet with administrative officials bi-monthly to propose ideas and explain issues they’ve had expressed to them.
Students can help Pierzchajlo make recycling on ABAC campus possible by simply expressing their concerns regarding the matter. SGA members are representatives of the students, and there must be something behind what they represent. The more people who contact Pierzchajlo explaining why they believe recycling should be brought to campus, the sooner the issue will be pushed through.

Students who are interested in the matter can attend SGA meetings, meet with Pierzchajlo in his office on the third floor of Branch, or email him at

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