Phoning in on a budget


As a student, having a smartphone is helpful in getting through college. Having your calendar, emails and your assignments in your hand makes things easier. As well as having access to social media, the internet and other forms of entertainment, great for those moments of procrastination.

So, for most students choosing the right phone is important to them. For most, it’s not a decision between Apple or Android but which phone fits within their price range or which features are best for them.

For a phone, it’s important to look good, have a good set of features, not be slow and most importantly be reasonably priced. Out of the many phones available right now, the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, Samsung S7 and the Google Pixel 2 fit that criteria. With Apple, the most appealing aspect is its ease of use.

iPhones have a much cleaner experience and its biggest advantage is the Apple ecosystem easily connecting your phone to other Apple products, making it easier for your devices to interact together. Even though Android doesn’t have an ecosystem like Apple, it is less restrictive and allows you to connect your phone to many devices no matter the manufacturer.

Out of all the phones mentioned, the iPhone 6s is the cheapest option at only $350, however, it does have some flaws. It doesn’t have water resistance; its camera is a little dated and the battery life is shorter than the 7, but it has the headphone jack, so you won’t have to use a dongle or find Bluetooth headphones.

On the other hand, the iPhone 7 is $450, and it improves on the 6S having a better camera, water resistance rating and more importantly, longer charge than the 6S to get you through the day. The nice thing about both phones is that it is easier to find replacement parts and find someone that will repair for much cheaper than going through Apple. Both phones can be found cheaper on Amazon or by getting them as prepaid phones.

For Android, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Pixel 2 both are more expensive than the iPhone, but they have the features to match. The S7 starts at $400, but it has the headphone jack, water resistance and you can add more space to your phone with a micro SD card. However, with Samsung set to release their newest phone early next year, prices are bound to drop and Samsung’s own S8 or Note 8 might be a better upgrade.

Finally, if you do have a little extra cash and want the top-of-the-line phone at a reasonable price, the Pixel 2 is a bit more expensive at $650 new.

However, it will most likely drop in price with the new Pixel 3 out and it can be found cheaper on Amazon. Although it does lose the headphone jack, the phone has water resistance and it integrates Chrome and other Google software, like YouTube and Gmail, smoothly between other devices and your phone.

However, the best feature on the Pixel is the camera having pictures that are better than any of the other phones and more expensive phones. It is also a plus that it is still getting updated by Google with new software features to the device and camera being released soon.

It is obvious that these phones aren’t the latest and greatest, but it is much more affordable for a student than the newer thousand dollars plus phones and provides as many features as newer phones as well, perfect for students looking to upgrade on a budget.

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