Netflix gets in touch with its western side

“The Ranch’”promo poster. Photo courtesy of TV Series Finale.

“The Ranch” is a Netflix Original that debuted its first season in 2016. The show is a sitcom starring Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, Elisha Cuthbert and Sam Eliot. It ’s based in the small town of Garrison, Colorado.

The series begins when past local football star, Colt, comes home to try out for a semi-pro team in Denver after being kicked off another semi-pro team.

But everything changes when Colt sees that his father is struggling with managing the ranch. So, in order to help his father and brother Rooster, he tells them that he did not make the team and offers to stay and help his family.

“The Ranch” has many different characters with different personalities that are easy to fall in love with. These characters consist of Colt, Beau, Rooster, Maggie and Abby. Colt is the character who is typically the butt of all jokes and seen as irresponsible.

His brother Rooster stayed and helped his father take care of the ranch and is often making fun of Colt. Their father Beau is the epitome of a cowboy, who is always serious and annoyed with everybody.

Their mother, Maggie, is a local bar owner, who has a hippie-like attitude and partakes in recreational drugs. The last major character is Abby, who is Colt’s high school sweetheart but is currently engaged to another man. Another cool aspect of the show is the way the episodes are named.

Each episode has a specific title based off of certain American country music songs. There are five parts of the series and each part focuses on one major country music star with the titles of the episodes being songs by that specific country music star.

Part one is named after Kenny Chesney songs, part two is named after George Strait songs, part three is named after Tim McGraw songs, part four is named after Garth Brooks songs and part five is named after Dolly Parton songs.

Overall, the show is considerably comedic, and one that is worth the watch. You can watch the show on Netflix, where all five parts have been released. Part six has been announced to be released on Dec. 7.

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