I saw an article online the other day from one of my local news sources and found myself irritated by the content. The author uses their editorial forum for influential purposes, but instead of influencing productive and positive feelings, they chose to provoke readers into feeling negativity.

     The subject of the matter was Christmas music causing undue stress if played too early. A countless number of people followed suit with their pitiful stories about how they “just can’t take all the Christmas cheer” or how “Christmas is celebrated too early.” At the greatest time of need in the year for the impoverished, news outlets choose to write about something as insignificant as Christmas music being a nuisance.

     This is a prime example of a First World problem. How dare they play Christmas music while you are waiting for your manicure, dining out or as you shop tirelessly for items to show off to everyone you know.

     I cannot imagine having a forum of influence just to waste it on a ‘good read.’ Our community deserves more than that. This is a time to inspire people to ask themselves what they can do to make someone else’s life better or how they can help change the world for the better.

     There are children in the country who will not have toys or a hot meal to look forward to on Christmas Day. There are also many who do not have a roof over their head or a warm bed to sleep in. We should all be more focused on what we can give and not on what we receive.

     What have you done this year to make the world a better place, even if it was just for one person? How have you given back to your community? Caring for your community is something we should do year-round without being against our will.

     I challenge everyone reading this article to volunteer one hour to a local soup kitchen to serve a warm meal for a local family in need or sponsor a child in the community for Christmas gifts. Gather your friends and make it a group effort. Let’s show Tifton and surrounding towns that ABAC students are not only thankful, but we are thoughtful.

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