After much anticipation and teasers, BlackPink’s Jennie finally released her solo debut song titled ‘Solo.’ Jennie is the first member from the k-pop group BlackPink to release a solo song.

She shows off her charismatic vocals and rapping skills all while sending a message of being independent and finding self-love. ‘Solo’ includes both Korean and English lyrics. The song is set to a catchy beat that mixes hip-hop and EDM.

The meaning of the song ‘Solo’ can be interpreted in two different ways. First, is that it marks her solo debut. However, looking at the lyrics gives a totally different meaning to the entire song. Jennie is describing herself becoming independent of a toxic relationship.

The song begins with Jennie singing about frustrations of having to pretend to be someone she is not. She says she is not sorry and leads into the chorus of the song, “I’m a shining solo.” It is here that the beat drops and Jennie’s rap reveals her newfound freedom and independence. The song is also about finding yourself and loving who you really are. This is apparent in the lyrics, “This time I’m only looking at me, myself, and I”.

‘Solo’ has an electronic and modern sound which fits perfectly with Jennie’s aesthetic. It has a distinct aura and has a style similar to Jennie’s group BlackPink.

The music video for ‘Solo’ starts off with Jennie as she becomes increasingly frustrated with being seen as innocent and delicate and stuck in a relationship with no true feelings. As the beat drops, the mood of the vide changes and becomes fiercer. It fits perfectly with the song and we see more of Jennie’s dance moves.

‘Solo’ is a solid debut for Jennie. The song has already seen a strong presence on charts and has gained over 85 million views on Youtube.

Fans of BlackPink and anyone who enjoys a catchy dance track will enjoy ‘Solo.’ This song will definitely pave the way for her future solo releases.

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