It comes as no shock that ABAC’s band draws an audience and blows them away. On Tuesday Nov. 13 Tifton residents gathered at the Tift Theatre to enjoy the ABAC Band’s Concert. The Fall Concert managed to draw such a crowd that the theatre was packed to the point that some audience members were standing in the back of the theatre just to hear the performance.

The performance started with a short introduction by choir director and Dr. Susan Roe, head of the Fine Arts department. Afterward, the band began to play the Star-Spangled Banner. The band then played seven unique songs each with a meaningful history that they managed to portray.

ABAC’s band is composed of music majors and non-music majors alike. Director of the concert band, Johnny Folsom, made sure to recognize each student for their hard work and the effort that they put into the program, as well as letting everyone know that they are a valued member of the band.

The songs played included Burn, Visions of Flight, Filum Vitae, The Gallant Seventh, Ammerland, And the Mountains Echoed: Gloria! Intrada: Adoration and Praise. Each song played by the band brought emotions to the audience and kept them on the edge of their seat.

During Filum Vitae, a video showed ABAC as students went to class, seasons changed and snow fell. Seniors at ABAC said the video accompanying the music made them sad that they would be graduating and leaving ABAC.

Due to its compelling, emotional and uplifting songs, the concert was enjoyable for everyone, regardless of whether they were interested in music. Those that missed the opportunity to see the Fall Concert and that are interested in hearing ABAC’s concert band can catch their final performance of the semester, “A Christmas to Treasure,” on Dec. 4 at 7 P.M at the Tift Theatre. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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