ABAC Cattlemen’s corn-holing for a cure


“Breast cancer has affected many of our members, past and present, in one way or another, so it hits close to home,” says Savannah Maddox, Vice President of the ABAC Cattlemen’s Association. Last Tuesday, on Oct. 23, the Cattlemen’s held their second annual “Savin’ the Ta-Tas Cornhole Tournament” in hopes to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Students and Faculty from all over campus were invited to join in this friendly fundraising event.

Students and Clubs participating in the tournament, and those attending were able to donate towards their favorite teams. All proceeds raised were donated to the research foundation. Each team of two had names like “Cruisin’ Cornholers,” “Small Town Throw Down,” “Bagnificent,” and “Bad News Baggers.” The winning team, “The Gruesome Twosome” sponsored by ABAC’s Turf Club featured the players Andrew Brice and Hodges Hunter.   The Cattlemen’s hope to keep this tradition going so future students can look forward to the event every fall, much as they do for the AET’s annual Truck and Tractor Pull. Previously, the club held a barn dance but changed it to a Cornhole tournament to promote the event to others outside of the club. “We figured that a cornhole tournament would allow us to reach out to other people and clubs on campus outside of the ABAC Cattlemen’s Association,” said Maddox adding, “Everyone is welcome to come out and take time to relax in the craziness that is October.”

The Cattlemen’s Association decided to hold a breast cancer awareness event as it was a topic they all felt very strongly about. “We as a club have a platform to put on a fundraiser such as this, and we want to take advantage of our resources and make a difference.” The club chose the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as they wanted to make sure they donated to a credible organization and it happens to be one of the highest rated organizations in the United States. By the end of the night, the Cattlemen’s Association raised a total of $390, which was a significantly larger amount than they raised the previous year. They hope to continue to keep the fundraiser growing each year, with students from all over campus anticipating the event.

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