Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Cassandra Uchida


Cassandra Uchida is a junior Agriculture Crop and Soil Science major, the secretary of the ABAC GSA, and a veteran. They spend a lot of their time studying languages, reading nonfiction, and painting. They hope to work in the field of agroecology and regenerative agriculture.

Plantation Agriculture and the Hawaii Wildfires

In early August, wildfires broke out across Hawaii, predominantly on the island of Maui. While events like wildfires are complex in their origins, a...

Farmer Spotlight: Herb Young with Squeeze Citrus

Tucked away in the back roads and woods outside Thomasville, GA, there are rows of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime trees surrounded by lush...

OPINION: We Need to Imagine Brighter Futures

Gen Z is one of the most nihilistic generations, which is unsurprising since many of us have not been given the imagination or tools...

Opinion: American Farmers Feed the World?

“American farmers feed the world” is a phrase I have heard consistently since getting into agriculture, and despite the positive tone, it makes me feel...

“The Godfather of Soil Health” David Brandt

Most well-known for the meme depicting him with the quote “It ain’t much, but its honest work,” many do not know David Brandt was...

Wasps: Humanity’s Unlikely Friends

It is hardly a secret that wasps are hated. In fact, surveys by Seirian Sumner show that wasps are so universally hated that there...

Lab Grown Meat: A Critical Overview

On June 21, the USDA granted permission to Upside Foods and Good Meat to sell lab grown meat commercially at upscale restaurants. Over the...