Ag Ed Cohort and Kiwanis Club Host Book Drive


Thanks to ABAC’s Agriculture Education Cohort and the Tifton Kiwanis Club, there is now a place for any books that you feel would be better in the hands of another, as they are hosting a book drive for a Christmas giveaway. With this, the donated books will be given to local students in need.  

A book drive is always a great way to give back to the community, as reading holds an important place in nourishing anyone’s knowledge and imagination.  

Despite the rise in digital media, it remains a crucial aspect of development for younger students and a vital supplement for older students. Literacy rates have been on the decline for years, but events like the Kiwanis Book Drive looks to help fight back against the statistics. 

Local student Bailee Tracy is one of the main people helping with the book drive due to her personal connections with education and agriculture.  

“When I was little, I was a part of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library,” Tracy said, “I remember being so excited to get my book each month and to have my parents read it to me. As I grew up, I decided that I wanted to take the education route and combine that with my passion for agriculture. It makes my heart smile that students in the area will have something to unwrap every day before Christmas and maybe find the same joy and excitement I did when I received my books in the mail.” 

Students helping host this event at ABAC is continuous proof of the love for education and growth within the campus. Tracy said, “Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, and we are still trying to pick the pieces back up. Our schools and children are still suffering from the impact COVID-19 left behind. Literacy rates in schools have dropped, and I think it is important to assist our schools and children in bringing those rates back up. When children read, it drastically affects their language development, literacy, social skills, and so much more. I think that being a part of this book drive is a perfect way to help get our students back on track.” 

Whether it be for education or entertainment, books provide excellent sustenance to one’s mind and soul. This sentiment is especially true for growing students. ABAC students should all be able to remember a time when they were a kid looking for literature they liked.  

Providing children with books now creates an impact that lasts for years. One book collecting dust on a shelf can be the doorway to new territory for a child.  

If you have any books on the shelf that you do not want or feel others could enjoy more, stop by the Agriculture Education office in the Environmental Horticulture building. There is a wrapped box available and ready to accept books, both new and old. If you have any questions, contact Bailee Tracy via email 

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