Meet This Year’s Mr. ABAC Contestants


Q&A featuring the contestants

Brodie Mizer

  • What’s your major?
    • BM: “My major is livestock production and after I graduate, I plan on going into the poultry industry.”
  • What year are you in?
    • BM:“I’m a sophomore.”
  • Any hobbies? Interesting fact?
    • BM:“I’m a big Georgia fan. I grew up playing golf. I do any kind of hunting possible. I love to fish. And after I graduate, I plan on going into the army.”
  • What city are you from originally?
    • BM:“I’m from Dawsonville, Georgia.”
  • Why did you choose to enter Mr. ABAC?
    • BM:“I felt like having the chance to represent ABAC and that is a great opportunity and it’s a pleasure and an honor to be in the running for the title.”

Christopher Marsh

  • What is your major here?
    • CM: “I’m an animal science major hoping to go to vet school after this. UGA, Auburn, either one of those.”
  • What year are you in?
    • CM:“I’m a sophomore.”
  • An interesting fact, any hobbies?
  • CM:“Um, yeah, I shoot a lot of guns. I go fishing a lot”
    • So why did you choose to enter Mr. ABAC?
  • CM:“My club needed someone to enter and they decided that I was the person from the club.”

Colin Pace

  • What’s your major?
    • CP: “I’m a sophomore Ag business major”
  • What’s a nice interesting fact?
    • CP: “I’m from Wakeville, Alabama, I am the middle child out of five kids, and I like walking and listening to music.”
  • Why did you choose to enter it Mr. ABAC?
    • CP: “Well, my club didn’t have a representative so I was like, well, why don’t I just represent Agripreneurs and So that’s really why I’m here to help represent them.”

Colton Peacock

  • What’s your major here?
    • CP: “I’m an agriculture education major.”
  • What year are you in?
    • CP: “I’m a senior, so I actually leave here in May.”
  • Why did you choose to compete in Mr. ABAC?
    • CP: “Absolutely, so when I think of ABAC, I think tradition. And Mr. ABAC is a tradition that has deep roots here on campus. And I wanna be a part of the group that brings that tradition back.”
  • What would you do as Mr. ABAC?
    • CP: “Absolutely, so it’s advocating for ABAC. It’s being the face of ABAC. Fortunately I’ve been a part of the ambassador team and I had a chance to give tours every day. But being Mr. ABAC would give me a different capacity to be the face of ABAC in other aspects. Going to events, being around, and being that person that students can connect to.”

Fransisco “Paco” Garcia

  • What’s your major?
    • FG: “My major is biology and I’m a junior right now and I’m supposed to graduate in the spring of 25.”
  • What do you plan on doing with your degree whenever you graduate?
    • FG: “Whenever I graduate I plan on going into nature conservation or specifically going into coral reef conservation down back at home in Florida. So either that’s going to be down in the Keys, I know there’s a spot in and around Clearwater that they work on coral reef conservation.”
  • What city are you originally from?
    • FG: “I’m from Tampa, Florida. Well specifically Ruskin, Florida, same as Ms. ABAC [2023].”
  • Give me an interesting fact about yourself, any hobbies?
    • FG: “I am a photographer for the school, so I do all sporting events, all events such as the rodeo, truck and tractor pull, anything that needs a picture. I’m there.”
  • And why did you choose to enter Mr. ABAC?
    • FG: “I chose to enter Mr. ABAC because first I didn’t want to, I was a little more hesitant and then I got a bunch of buddies here in Alpha Sigma Alpha who I’m representing and they all decided that I was the one that they wanted to represent ASA, so I just sucked it up and I was like I got this.”

Grayson Lee

  • Major?
    • GL: “Livestock Production”
  • Year?
    • GL: “Senior”
  • What do you plan on doing with your major?
    • GL: “Pursue a career in the cattle industry”
  • Interesting fact about you?
    • GL: “I enjoy hunting, fishing, and being outside”
  • Why did you enter the competition?
    • GL: “Seemed like fun and was ‘volun-told’ by cattleman’s officers”
  • Who are you representing?
    • GL: “ABAC Cattleman’s”

Jarrett Alligood

  • What’s your major?
    • JA: “My major is Agricultural Education and I’m a senior.”
  • What’s some hobbies/ interests?
    • JA: “I love to go back home on my family farm and hunt and fish and raise cows and hang out with my friends and fellowship.”
  • Why did you choose to compete in Mr. ABAC?
    • JA: “I chose to compete in Mr. ABAC because I feel like if I do actually win the competition, it gives me an opportunity to share my testimony of how well ABAC does with hands-on experiences and you can put those experiences into work and in a futuristic success with your career down the road.”
  • Who are you representing?
    • JA: “CFFA

Michael “Cole” Corley

  • What’s your major?
    • MC: “Natural Resource Management with and concentration of Wildlife”
  • What year are you in?
    • MC: “I’m assuming you mean graduating. If so I will be graduating spring of 2025”
  • What’s an interesting fact about you?
    • MC: “I love being outdoors. Most outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, bird watching, etc. are all hobbies of mine. I like colder weather than hot.”
  • Why did you enter the Mr. ABAC competition? Who are you representing?
    • MC: “I want to do Mr. ABAC to push myself out of my comfort zone. I need to expand my comfort capability now rather than later. I will be representing the ABAC Wildlife Society.”

Noah Burton

  • What’s your major?
    • NB: “My major is General studies”
  • Year?
    • NB: “I’m in my junior year”
  • Interesting fact about you?
    • NB: “Interesting fact about me is that I’m from England”
  • Why did you enter the competition?
    • NB: “I enter the Mr. ABAC competition because It something new and we don’t have this sort of thing in England”
  • Who are you representing?
    • NB: “And I’m representing the International Student Association”

Nolvn Velasquez

  • What’s your major?
    • NV: “Right now I’m doing my core classes, but I’m transferring to do mechanical engineering at Kennesaw State.”
  • What do you plan on doing with the mechanical engineering degree?
    • NV: “Well, my dream job was always working with NASA, so hopefully in aerospace.”
  • Tell me, give me an interesting fact about yourself, or do you have any hobbies, or?
    • NV: “Well, for fun, I like playing soccer and video games, which are mainly my main hobbies.”
  • What sort of video games do you like?
    • NV: “I like Call of Duty & Fortnite.”
  • Why did you choose to enter Mr. ABAC?
    • NV: “Because, like, mainly because I wanted to represent the Hispanic culture here, as well for the International Club [I’m part of here at ABAC.”
  • What city are you from originally?
    • NV: “I’m from Tifton, Georgia.”

Reyes Ortega.

  • Where are you from?
    • RO: “Cordele, Georgia.”
  • What’s your major?
    • RO: “My major is nursing.”
  • What do you plan on doing when you graduate?
    • RO: “Whenever I graduate, I plan to go to, how can I say it, a county where there’s lots of Hispanics over there. There’s a great Hispanic community so I can help them because I myself am Hispanic.”
  • Do you have any hobbies?
    • RO: “I like to hang out with my friends and play soccer.”
  • Why did you choose ABAC?
    • RO: “I chose ABAC because I saw how people here are so close to each other and how everyone’s like a big family.”
  • So why did you enter this competition?
    • RO: “I entered this competition because my friends told me to do it and they’re like, it’s a great opportunity to get to know people and that’s why I did it.”
  • And who are you representing?
    • RO: “I am representing CLC, Cultura Latinx Club.”

Skyler Smith

  • What’s your major here?
    • SS: “Animal science.”
  • What are you planning on doing with that when you graduate?
    • SS:“Well, when I graduate, I plan on trying to get into vet school. I want to do large animals. I’m planning on going an extra year for chiropractic and acupuncture and working on derby horses and doing stuff like that.”
  • What year are you in?
    • SS:I’m a freshman
  • Why did you choose to compete as Mr. ABAC?
    • SS:“Well, I saw it on the, I saw the announcements and the posters and the flyers. Like, well, that sounds like a really interesting thing to do. So I looked into it more and I was asking around about it. And I was like, yeah, you’ll be the face of ABAC, or the guy, like the community of the guys. And I just thought it’d be really cool to show what it means to be part of ABAC and trying to get more people involved doing that.”
  • What city are you originally from?
    • SS:“I’m from Pike County, Georgia.”
  • Tell me interesting facts about yourself, any hobbies?
    • SS:“Well, I played baseball in high school all four years. I was really involved in FFA, won state in FFA. I’m supposed to go to nationals here, a national convention here soon.I’m also going to work out in Wyoming this summer on a ranch.”

Weston Powell

  • Where are you from?
    • WP: “I am from Bainbridge, Georgia.”
  • Major?
    • WP: “I’m actually double majoring in Ag Business and Ag Technology Management.”
  • What year are you in right now?
    • WP: “I’m a junior and I have two more semesters left after this one.”
  • Why did you choose to compete in Mr. ABAC?
    • WP: “It was a good opportunity to represent the Agronomy Club. I think the Agronomy Club is more known for farm tours, but I’d like to get us known for getting involved in campus activities and doing other things like that. Things that provide opportunities to get you out of your shell and grow you as a student.”
  • Any hobbies/ interests?
    • WP: “Honestly, I just enjoy learning new things. I mean it doesn’t matter if it’s outdoors, indoors or anything like that. I just enjoy learning. I think it’s one of my favorite pastimes of life. There’s something new and I get an adrenaline rush from it every time.”

Will Frost

  • Major?
    • WF: “Forestry”
  • Year in school?
    • WF: “I’m a sophomore and I graduate in 2026.
  • Plans after graduation?
    • WF: “To be a forestry consultant working mainly in the private sector. I’m also interested in real estate with the goal of timber production and management in mind.”
  • Any interests?
    • WF: “I like to hunt and fish, play the guitar, and hang out with my friends.
  • Why compete?
    • WF: “I joined Mr. ABAC to become more involved on campus, as well as to represent my fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho.”

William Mizell

  • What’s your major?
    • WM: “ATM (Ag. Technologies & Management)”
  • Year?
    • WM: “Junior (3rd Year)”
  • Hobbies/interests?
    • WM: “I love fabricating, farming, fixing things, and I love music.”
  • Why compete?
    • WM: “I entered because someone else dropped and I decided to take their place for them.”
  • Who are you representing?
    • WM: “AGR (Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity)”

Wyatt Thompson

  • What’s your major?
    • WT: “I’m an ATM major.”
  • What’s that?
    • WT: “Ag technology major, it’s basically an engineering program focused on agriculture.”
  • What year are you in?
    • WT: “My senior year.”
  • What do you plan on doing with your major whenever you graduate?
    • WT: “I’m looking into doing stuff with drones and automation in agriculture.”
  • Tell me interesting facts about yourself or do you have any hobbies?
    • WT: “I do carpentry and I’m actually a fourth generation pilot. My dad, my grandfather and both of his fathers were pilots. So it goes back to just about the founding of flight.”
  • Runs in the blood I see.
  • Why did you choose to compete in the competition?
    • WT: “Dr. Ona came to me and I just thought it would be a cool thing to do.”

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